PTE Preparation Courses

PTE Preparation Courses

In order to enter into a PTE Preparation Course steps shown below are required.

  • Placement test consisting of a test of the students’ current level of language proficiency plus a test of general English,
  • Selection of a single participant course or a group participants course,
  • Tuition fee payment, and
  • Begin your preparation course.
  • Procedure:

    • A free one-hour-consultation session (one week to three days prior to sitting the diagnostic test) in order to introduce the nature of the course and provide the ‘Applicant’ with an opportunity to put forward their questions, queries, and concerns,
    • Pre-test briefing in order to introduce the test format and protocols for answering questions (20—30 minutes),
    • There will be 5-10 minutes for asking questions and putting forward any queries,

    Duration: 4.5-5 hours

    Terms and conditions:

    1: Please be advised that by participation, you are giving consent to be audio and video recorded in the sessions, which may be made available on the website or any other social platforms.

    2: The ‘Company’ determines the fees, and the ‘Applicant’ signs out the contract with satisfaction and consent. However, having signed out the contract, the Applicant waives all the legal authorities such as: discontent, etc. and shall abide to the terms and conditions of the contract. Therefore, timely payment of declared fees and charges by the ‘Applicant’ is necessary. In case of not paying or delay in paying the declared fees, the ‘Company’ shall not be held liable for cancellation of the contract. Any delay exceeding the due dates shall lead to one-sided cancellation of the contract without presence and need to refer to judicial bodies. And, in case of cancellation of the sessions without prior mutual consent, the paid fees shall be considered as compensation for loss or damage and shall not be returnable by any means.

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