How to Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills

How to Improve your Interpersonal Communication Skills

Improve Your Interpersonal and Academic Communication Skills

Promote Your English Verbal (Listening & Speaking) Skills

Are you ready for your IELTS, OET, TOEFL, or PTE Speaking test?

  1. Are you preparing for any of the above tests?
  2. Are you engaged in doing business with English speaking institutions?  
  3. Are you expecting and planning to be engaged in English speaking meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations?
  4. Are you just planning to improve your general English verbal (Listening & Speaking) skills to understand and enjoy watching, for example, films, serials, or TV talk shows, etc.?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘YES’, then this is most definitely for you.

Two of the major challenges most people face in beginning their conversations with others are ‘What to Say’ and ‘How to Say’.

Interpersonal and academic communication skills play a crucial role in people’s relationships. Group discussions on contemporary contentious issues play a significant role in improving such skills.

Aim and purpose:

The main aim and purpose of holding online free and open discussions is to improve your English interpersonal and academic communication skills while promoting your listening and speaking skills.


A facilitator and four members of a small group discussion. There will be two groups, a main group and a pool group. The purpose of the pool group is to offset any possible dropouts from the main group for whatever the reason.


  • Participants shall be allowed to use a pseudonym and identity should they wish so,
  • In the beginning of the session, participants will be provided with an opportunity to introduce themselves in 2-3 sentences in 1-2 minutes to say their names, education level and background, their current job, nationality, country, current residential city/country, etc. should they feel comfortable to do so,
  • In the duration of the sessions, the participants shall address each other using their first name/pseudonyms,
  • The participants will be provided with some contemporary contentious written texts to be silent read in five to ten minutes (pending on the length and extent of the difficulty of the texts),
  • The participants will have 30 minutes or so to talk about and around the text,
  • In the meanwhile, the facilitator will observe and make notes of the participants’ grammatical, structural, semantical, syntactical, pragmatical, semiotical, and phonological issues and will talk about them at the end of the sessions.
  • The facilitator will provide the participants with awareness giving, suggestions and comments in order to improve and promote the quality of the participants’ listening and speaking skills.
  • There will be 5-10 minutes for asking questions and suggesting topics for discussions in the future sessions.
  • Please be advised that by participation, you are giving consent to be audio and video recorded in the sessions, as it is probable that other participants in the group discussion sessions will audio and video record the events, which may be made available on the website or any other social platforms.

Duration: One hour

Session time: 6-7 pm Melbourne, Australia time (subject to change).

Please provide your Skype ID and join Skype ID: ALA Auslangs

N.B.: Please, always carefully check your junk mail/spam for responses, as well, just in case!


For more information, please contact.

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