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Acquired knowledge base and ability, our mission is to clearly and transparently provide strong community, learning and education, translation, research, editing, proofreading, and publication services. We help learners to overcome their difficulties and to remove their problematic areas. Our pedagogy facilitates students to understand the most complicated subject matters in the easiest way and the shortest possible time with a deep understanding. In addition, we provide our clients with the best and the highest quality, fast, and reliable certified translations, editing and proofreading services.


IELTS measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. The IELTS test assesses your abilities in the English language through 4 components – listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test covers a range of subjects within the item contents, but you are not being tested on these subjects.

IELTS tests are designed to assess test takers from beginner through to advanced levels. However, the test is aimed at test takers with a level of intermediate and above.

You might not have to study at an English language school, however, you may consider practising with the IELTS preparation materials which will familiarise you with the types of questions you will be asked in the test and to get your best possible score.

IELTS is an international test, and we accept your accent wherever in the world you’re from. When you sit your Speaking test, remember that your pronunciation is important – however, you will not lose marks for speaking with an accent. A variety of accents will also be used during the Listening test.

You do not need any special computer skills. Please note that a QWERTY keyboard is used for the computer-delivered test. If you are not used to this type of keyboard, it may help to practice with one before you take the test. Don’t worry if you can’t type fast enough, the computer test is designed for people with normal typing skills.

The IELTS test is offered in two formats – IELTS Academic and General Training. The Academic format is designed for those who want to study or train in a university that teaches in English at undergraduate or postgraduate level or institutions of higher and further education. Many professions (e.g. medical, nursing, accounting, engineering) also require an Academic test result for registration purposes. The General Training format is for those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programs. This version of the test may be a visa requirement if you are planning to migrate to English speaking countries.

Whether you need an IELTS test or not depends on your reason to sit the test. If you are enrolling for higher studies/courses/training, the University/school/workplace might ask for an IELTS test score. As part of the migration process, you might have to provide the IELTS scores with your visa application. We strongly recommend that even if you are a native English speaker, you prepare for the IELTS test and become familiar with the test format. Knowing what to expect on test day is essential, and if you are not familiar with the test you may make avoidable mistakes. We also recommend you become familiar with the assessment criteria to fully understand how the examiner will mark your test. Download IELTS Support Tools to help you get ready for test day.

The cost of an IELTS test in Australia is $355.00*. The price for the exam is the same whether you take IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic. There is no separate registration fee or payment processing fee. There is also no late payment fee. However, in some locations, the test fee can be slightly higher. *From 1 September 2020, the IELTS test fee will increase to $375.00. The new test fee will only apply to test bookings from 1 October 2020. Any test dates prior to 1 October will not be subject to the fee increase. The prices are subject to change.



Improve Your Interpersonal and Academic Communication Skills Promote Your English Verbal (Listening & Speaking) Skills Online free international group discussion session to be held. To book a session, please email your request to info@auslangs.com

Online free international consultation sessions to be held. To book a session, please email your request to info@auslangs.com



"I have received quality translation service on-time and IELTS preparation test with countless guidance from Dr. Moghaddam at ALA. Beyond all, he is an influencer for me."

Erfan Nasoori


"A brilliant experience, an absolute pleasure, and a professional time to learn English with Dr. Moghaddam, the best teacher I've ever had. : )"

Dr Masy Zaker


قطعا باعث افتخار و خوشبختی بنده بود آشنایی با چنین فرد محترم، شخیص، کاردان و حرفه ای. جناب دکتر مقدم زحمت ترجمه رسمی مدارک شناسایی بنده را عهده دار شدند. نه تنها ایشان بسیار قابل احترام، مسئول، وقت شناس بود ند، بلکه بسیار دقیق در انجام این کار بودند. تجربه بسیار زیبایی بود و قطعا کار با ایشان را به همگان توصیه می کنم.



“Very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. … . Very helpful and friendly. Very attentive and engaging towards students; stirs students’ interest in course materials. He never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to his student and treats all equally. His enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on his students and student become more attentive and active in class. Without a doubt, he has a strong sense of responsibility towards his students, allowing them to learn more deeply and of greater magnitudes. So if you are really looking to learn English in a unique way do not waste your time. I would like to recommend Dr. Moghaddam to you.”

Alireza Mokhtar


“Dr. Moghaddam at ALA, the best person for achieving your goal in IELTS and English. I had this opportunity to participate at his preparation courses. I strongly suggest him to everyone who really intends to get a perfect result.”

Dr Ahmad Nazem Bafghi


"Ultimate professionalism. Dr Moghaddam at ALA is for sure a true expert in academic, general, formal and informal translations. Having a couple of chances to deal with this truly gentleman, I was extremely impressed with the results. My jobs were delivered with the most accuracy ever, in the shortest timeframe, and with the most prompt customer support. I am sure, he is the one that I refer to in my future inquiries."

Pouriya Ebrahim Pour


از نکات برجسته این دوره آمادگی میتوان به ارائه مطالب آموزشی در قالب مثال های گوناگون که نقش بسزایی در میزان یادگیری اینجانب داشته اشاره نمایم

Amin Naeemi


"I appreciate my professor, Dr. Moghaddam at ALA for providing me with the best way to achieve my goal. His teaching method is excellent. I decide to continue all my training steps with him. I am very satisfied and ready to take the language tests."

Solmaz Rahbari


درک کامل از نقاط ضعف دانشجو و ارائه راه حلهای مناسب و کاربردی برای ارتقا سطح و رفع مشکلات. برخورد کاملا محترمانه و خوب با دانشجویان و برخورداری از آرامش کامل

Abtin Sadri


با توجه به زمان محدود تا آزمون آیلتس، زمان بندی و ارائه مطالب در بهترین شرایط کیفی قرار داشت و آزمون های برگزار شده تأثیر زیادی در آمادگی برای حضور در امتحان اصلی داشت. بطور کلی، دوره برگزار شده بسیار مفید بود و تخصص استاد بر مؤلفه های امتحان آیلتس بسیار تأثیر گذار

Maryam Mirhussieni


"It was absolutely a great experience and pleasure working with such a dignified, highly regarded, expert and professional gentleman. Dr Moghaddam at ALA kindly undertook an official translation of my identification documents. Not only was he very responsible, punctual and respectful, but also really precise in getting the job done. Definitely recommended to everyone. With the warmest regards."

Dr Roham Richberg


جناب دکتر مقدم یک شخصیت کاملا حرفه ای در کار، مسلط به امر تدریس تخصصی زبان انگلیسی و ترجمه ی انواع مدارک چون اسناد ملکی، اسناد تحصیلی، اسناد احراز هویت و سوابق کاری با بالاترین دقت و کیفیت می باشند.



"The learning plan was very helpful and could easily be implemented in the classroom."

Mathew Scot


ازاستادم جناب آقای دکترمقدم که بهترین راه را برای رسیدن به هدفم نشان دادند سپاسگزارم. چون تدریس ایشان بسیار دقیق و با حوصله بود و کوچکترین زمان را هم از دست نمی دادند، تصمیم گرفتم تمام مراحل آموزشم را به ایشان بسپارم. اکنون بسیار راضی و خشنودم و آمادگی شرکت در آزمون های زبان با بهترین نمره را دارم



"He is the master of his craft. I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Sharif Moghaddam at ALA for a few years. He commands such a professional presence that can never pass unnoticed. Not only the way he conducts himself, which is true to the codes of ethics, but his surpassing academic prowess simply distinguishes him among the others. I have benefited from his flawless professional translation services several times and have highly recommended him to all my friends with no regret at all."

Farzad Nesahat


"دوره بسیار کار آمد و مفیدی بود که با حضور، راهنمایی و آموزش دقیق و کامل استاد میسر گردید."

Farzad Mahdavi


"حس اطمینان از روند پیشرفت در طی دوره و مشاهده آن در انتهای هر دوره انگیزه را برای تلاش و امید را برای دستیابی به هدف دو چندان می نمود."

Amir Mohammadzadeh


“SUPER PROFESSIONAL IN TRANSLATING, PIONEER IN THE FIELD OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A PEACE OF MIND, JUST GO FOR IT. Dr. Sharif is a dignified, respectful, and precise gentleman. Undoubtedly, I recommend him to you.”

Behrooz Hosseini Arasteh


“Dr Moghaddam enabled my wife and I to obtain Band 8 score in IELTS, which subsequently landed us the points we required for our visas. Forever grateful.”

Alex Gumtree


"A fun course with an admired and lovely teacher who not only taught me about IELTS and English, but also about life and his experiences."

Ariyan Sadri


“I strongly suggest ALA (Australian Languages Academy) and also Dr. Moghaddam. It was absolutely a great experience and pleasure working with him. The best person for achieving your goal in IELTS and English and professional in translating. If you want to have a peace of mind, just go for it. I really enjoyed working with him.”

Mehran Kalantary


"This is a great course that I am so grateful to be part of. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into it!"

Mehdi Zare


"I hope I would have the opportunity to continue the same or complementary course in future with you. Thanks for everything."



“Dr Moghadam is a fantastic English teacher with a good understanding of the student’s needs and Australian culture, which has been very useful for my family and me. During our English classes, my wife and I became familiar with his professionalism, which helped us significantly, in our careers in Australia. We have used his accurate and reliable NAATI translations numerous times. I really suggest him as a teacher, coach and translator.”

Dr Arash Vajedsamiei FRACGP, MD


I have known Dr. Sharif Moghaddam (ALA founder) for about eight years. He is a knowledgeable, experienced, professional and distinguished teacher in English. He has also extensive information about history and some other fields. I had interesting and enjoyable discussions with him on such topics. I found him not only a high-level English teacher, but also an honest and decent man. I recommend him to everyone who wants to learn English, improve his/her proficiency or achieve high score in IELTS, TOFEL and so on.

Dr Said Bagheri


“Excellent communication, fast and efficient service. Dr Moghaddam was absolutely professional and I received my documents in no time. I'll be more than happy to use their services in the future.”

Dr Masoumeh Vafaei


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